Cheap Xbox 360

Below are the cheapest prices for the Xbox 360 which is Microsoft's follow up to the Xbox:

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Console (60 GB Hard Drive) £159.99 Free UK delivery >>

Xbox 360 Console (60 GB Hard Drive) £159.99 Free UK delivery >>

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Xbox 360 Console (20 GB Hard Drive) £194.99 Free UK delivery >>

Although it has some tough competition in the shape of the Nintendo Wii and Sony's PS3, the Xbox 360 more than holds it's own and continues to be a great seller for Microsoft.


Every Xbox 360 game is optimized for a minimum of 720p high definition output with anti-aliasing. Regardless of the television Xbox 360 connects to, gamers will experience smooth, cinematic experiences that far exceed anything they've seen or felt in games before. Play some of the Fifa games and you'd think you were controlling real players in a match!

A quick run down on the Xbox 360 Technical Specs are as follows:
• Includes a hard drive to save games, download new content and play key original Xbox games
• Xbox Live ready
• Includes a Wireless Controller
• Includes a Component HD AV Cable which is optimized for high-definition as well as standard TVs
• Enjoy your movies with progressive scan DVD playback
• Stream your music and digital photos from a wide range of portable music players and digital cameras
• Connect to your Windows XP or Windows Media Center PC.
• Dimensions: Approximately 309mm (W) x 83mm (H) x 258mm (D)
• Weight: Approximately 3.5 kg