Cheap iPods - iPod touches, iPod classics, iPod nanos and iPod shuffles

We have compared the prices for Apple iPod classics, iPod nanos, iPod shuffles and iPod touches from the brands people trust. Apple have revamped their iPod range and below are the 3 cheapest prices for each iPod model. All prices are inclusive of UK delivery.

Cheap iPod classic

Cheap iPod nano

NEW Cheap ipod classic 120GB

Cheap ipod classic

Amazon price - £171.62 >> 

Pixmania price £178.97 >>

Laskys price £178.97 >>

Apple have fazed out their 80GB and 160GB classics to offer a one size fits all 120GB iPod classic.


NEW iPod nano 8GB

cheap ipod nano 4GB silver

Cheap 4GB MP3 player £15.99 >>

Amazon price - £105.32 >>

Pixmania price - £109 >>

Apple have just released their new nano range which follows in a similar style to the original iPod nano.


Cheap iPod shuffle

Cheap iPod touch

Cheap ipod shuffle 1GB

Cheap ipod shuffleAmazon price £31.97

Play price  £32.00 >>

Laskys price £39.00 >>

The 1GB iPod shuffle lets you wear up to 240 songs on your sleeve, your lapel, or your belt.


NEW Cheap ipod touch 16GB

cheap ipod touch

Amazon price - £216.97 >>

Dixons price £219.00 >>

Laskys price - £219.00 >>

The new 32GB iPod touch is the latest edition to the iPod family

Wowee One Portable Speaker

The WOWee one is a portable speaker which is the same length as an iPhone and gives out impressive sound, using the surface it is on to generate a great bass. We've compared it to some of the other iPod and mp3 compatible speakers and our video below shows you why we think it is better. The sound is a lot clearer than other solutions and because of the size it is perfect to bring with you for a weekend away somewhere.

Wowee Portable Speaker £42.99

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